AJ Gibbs
A Six-Star Event - Review - Comedy Central

A Six-Star Event - Review - Comedy Central

A.J. Gibbs is Forrest's cheerful and expressive co-host, whose wardrobe changes each episode (and sometimes, within the same episode); she selects and reads viewer's question-requests, banters with Forrest, and serves as the show’s (often ignored) voice-of-reason. In Season 2, A.J. would physically assist Forrest in one review "Giving Six Stars". Forrest creates the show "Evaluate" to give a six star rating, and he had to be kicked in the balls for the evaluation, "Kick In The Balls" . A.J. would kick Forrest in the balls twice for this moment, and it is the highest rated review of the show. On one occasion during Season 3, A.J. briefly takes the helm as host, so that Forrest can review being a co-host. She is assigned to slap a stranger's ass, but decides not to and therefore doesn't rate it, much to Forrest MacNeil's annoyance. Portrayed by: Megan Stevenson.


  • A.J. Gibbs is responsible for the highest rated review on the show technically. She accomplished this by kicking Forrest MacNeil in the balls twice for "Evaluate" a show Forrest created within "Review". The evaluation "Kick in The Balls" was given a six star rating, the only six star rating in the history of the show.