Myles Barlow is the Australian counterpart of Forrest MacNeil who appears on Review with Myles Barlow. Like Forrest, Myles has to review what is requested to him, and also like Forrest he finds himself having to divorce his wife Catherine in order to review divorce. Myles is prone to making extremely complex and specific metaphors, and unlike Forrest, he does much more unethical things in his reviews. He gets away with murdering seven innocent people - and possibly a dog - and shoots two people during a bank robbery of his own design while reviewing happiness. Myles has two children, a son and a daughter, who he gifted with a Ferrari, a pony and several puppies one Christmas while reviewing indulgence. During the same Christmas, Myles kidnapped Andrew O'Keefe for a short period of time. Myles spends time in prison due to having sex with a minor and for the aforementioned bank robbery. Portrayed by: Phil Lloyd.